Meet Our Vendors

The market is just a few days away and we're excited to introduce you to all of the vendors who will be selling their wares. A few vendors were so kind to take time out to film videos describing what they sell and why they choose to sell in Ludlow. You can view more videos from our vendors on Vimeo, including Vermont Fresh Pasta, Knot Woodworking, Irene Barry, and Smith Maple Crest Farm. 

Where will you shop this Friday? See all of our vendors > 

"The market has done great things for me. We live on a hardscrabble farm...but we don't get much exposure. Coming to the Ludlow Market we can market what we have, which is blueberries, raspberries, and lamb....when we go to the market it's really like going to a fair every Friday. It opens up the weekend. We have dinner, there's lots of good food."

-Peter Hudgkins, Smokeshire Hilltop Farm